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Creating with Joy

August 12, 2017
Family Memo Board

Make family time more special with this cute memo board. Now that the kids are starting to head back to school, weekends are more important than ever - it's nice just being together. Whether I post a reminder about a fun event or a special note to say "I love you," this memo board helps […]

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August 3, 2016
Chip Clips

It's easy to dress up your chip clips with JOY embroidered letters - just adhere the letters with tacky glue. For words with an even number of letters like "snacks," mark the center of the clip and glue the letters evenly on either side. For odd-numbered words like "chips," center and glue the middle letter […]

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May 31, 2016
Now or Later Mail Organizer Clips

I love this giant wood clothespins for holding photos, but I realized they'd be perfect for holding mail, notes, coupons and other papers I need to keep track of. To keep my organizing tactics simple, I labeled them "now" and "later" by gluing on Joy embroidered letters. Pretty cute, too! Now I can keep all […]

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February 15, 2016
Mini Wine Cork Bulletin Board

Since I made this mini wine cork bulletin board, I must confess...I do enjoy drinking wine and I save all my wine corks. And yet another spite of so many handy apps and online calendars, I still use my refrigerator for filing and reminders. I needed to designate a small space on the side […]

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February 5, 2016
Organizing with JOY Letters

If you're like me, your craft room is always in need of a little organization. Joy embroidered letters are perfect for labeling your storage containers to help you organize and find your supplies when you need them. I favor plastic bins on open shelving because I like to see what I have. When I'm looking […]

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