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Application instructions for all iron on embroidered lettering sheets.

Application Instructions for Joy iron-on lettering, excluding sticky back Joy Lettershop letters (Cooper, Varsity, & 3D).

Application instructions for Joy iron-on single letters with sticky back Joy Lettershop letters.

Questions & Answers

What materials and/or fabrics should I avoid when ironing on my letters?

Always check the fabric care label of your garment.  Leather, plastic, and waterproof materials cannot be ironed.  In this case, please use fabric glue or sew on your Joy letters and numbers.

How do I dye the letters?

You can use fabric markers, fabric dye (liquid or powder) or fabric paint.  Please follow the manufacturer's instructions.

How do I wash my embellished garment?

Wash inside out in cold water and air dry.  Joy letters may be dry-cleaned.

If some of my letters aren’t ironing on even though I’ve followed the instructions on the package, what should I do?

The key to creating a permanent bond is in the application, meaning a combination of heat, pressure, and time. Using a home iron, check that your setting is in the correct position. Typically, the settings are shown either as degrees, or type of fabric. Use the highest heat setting that your fabric will allow.  Next, 30 seconds ironing the front and then 30 more seconds ironing on the back works best. Last, the amount of pressure used is important.  Firmly press your iron onto the letters and ensure it is rotated to completely cover all of the letter(s). If ironing on a name or word with multiple letters, iron one section at a time.

If the care label on the fabric doesn’t indicate heat tolerance, how do I know how much heat I should use?

Usually, the fabric content will be shown. The more natural the fiber content is, such as cotton or wool, the more heat can be safely applied. Man-made fiber content such as polyester requires that you reduce heat. To compensate for less heat, add more time and pressure.

Some of the letters have a paper backing, does that need to be removed?

Yes, these are sticky back letters and the paper liner protects the adhesive until letters are applied. Peel away the paper liner, and place the letter in position. This allows you to check the position and get it perfectly aligned. If not, just peel the letter off, and reapply until you’re satisfied with the positioning.

I purchased a full sheet of letters and I’m having trouble removing some of the letters. What should I do?

There are times, although rare, where after the letters are laser cut from the base fabric, the heat seal remigrates back to the base fabric and the letter “sticks” to the fabric. Using a small sewing scissor or X-Acto knife, carefully cut around the outline of the letter, avoiding cutting into the threads.

How do I remove ironed-on letters?

Reheat the iron to the same settings as when letters were first ironed on. Have a pair of tweezers handy.
Cover the letter with a pressing cloth, using firm pressure, and iron for 30 seconds.  Immediately remove the pressing cloth, grab an edge of the letter with the tweezers, and peel the letter off.

Caution: The letter is hot to the touch.

In most cases, there will be sufficient adhesive to reuse the letter. However, any leftover residue on the garment can be removed while still hot, using a blotting paper or small piece of cloth.

For any other questions, please contact us.  Our technical staff will answer within 24 hours or less during business hours.

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