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3 Ways to Bring JOY to Your Holiday Gift Wrap

Laura Bray
November 18, 2017

I love to wrap gifts almost as much I love to give them. Here are three easy ways to bring JOY letters into your holiday gift wrap this year.

1.  Marbled Monogram Gift Tags

3 Ways to Bring JOY to Your Holiday Gift Wrap with Laura Bray


  • Joy® Monograms
  • Plain cardstock gift tags
  • Watercolor paint
  • Craft glue

JOY Monogram Letters


  1. Paint gifts tags with watercolor, (or watered down craft paint). Simply splash the color on and let it flow all over the tag!
  2. Glue Joy Monogram Letters onto the tag. 

2.  Brown Paper (Monogrammed) Packages Tied Up with String  - Wouldn't you love to get a sweet package like this?

3 Ways to Bring JOY to Your Holiday Gift Wrap with Laura Bray


  • Large Joy Monogram Letter
  • Craft Glue
  • Brown craft paper
  • Paper Doily
  • Red and white baker's twine

JOY Monogram Letters


  1. Wrap gift in craft paper.
  2. Glue monogram letter onto the corner of the package. *When using glue, make sure it doesn't bleed through the paper onto your gift!
  3. Wrap large paper doily over one edge of the package and glue or tape in place.
  4. Tie-up with a ribbon. 

3.  Put a Bow on It Ribbon - Personalize your gift wrap ribbon with a holiday message or the recipient's name!

3 Ways to Bring JOY to Your Holiday Gift Wrap with Laura Bray


  • Joy Letters
  • Fabric ribbon
  • Iron
  • Pressing cloth

JOY Monogram Letters

Instructions: Following package directions, iron the message, or name onto the ribbon. Use a pressing cloth as a hot iron may damage your ribbons!  If you use paper ribbon, you can glue the letters in place instead of using an iron.

Joy® Iron-on numbers and letters are available 

in different sizes, fonts and colors at your local craft stores.

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