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Creating with Joy

March 10, 2019
Floral Jeans

Create a cute set of jeans with Joy® iron-on appliqués! You will need: Joy® Iron-on Appliqués iron Jeans Instructions: Place iron-on flower appliqués onto the pants in the location of your choice. Using a pressing cloth, iron the appliqués in place per the instructions on the package. Enjoy your amazing jeans! Enjoy your wonderful pants that […]

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September 6, 2018
Sweater Repair and Makeover

Sweater season is here and it's time to pull all your sweaters out of storage. Unfortunately, this also means we might discover moth and stain damage on our beloved sweaters. Don't throw them away! They can often be salvaged by patching over holes and stains with Joy® Iron-on flowers. It only takes minutes and you […]

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August 21, 2018
Make Those Old Shorts Cute Again

Add pizzaz to a plain pair of shorts or pants, or update and give new life to pair that still fits!     Joy® Iron-on flowers are perfect to make your old clothes cute again. You will need: Joy® Iron-on Embroidered Flower Appliqués Shorts or Pants Iron Place the  Joy® iron-on embroidered flower on the […]

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